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Type in Box joints at Google

NOTICE: If you wonder why the wording on this site sounds hypish....This is an original site written and pertaining to the subject of wood jigs.
Type in box joints at Yahoo You'll find that box joints are implemental in having a thorough knowledge of a table saw. See the new, and much larger site, and a new E-Book....."IMM About Ingenious Machines and Methods"

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Read some of the comments about our other table saw jig, the Minnie

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Think JIG! Above is the MINNIE CUT...Table Saw jig.

Woodworking and table saw information.

"The Mascut1.0 was developed out of a desire to easily produce quality and high volume on a table saw. It can be used for making drawers, boxes, frames, shelves, toys,box joints, and many more things.

See what jigs can do in this Streaming woodworking video. It will open in another window.